Maspalomas is more than just a beach; it is culture, sport and leisure

Beyond the sun and beach, Maspalomas has a wide offering of cultural, sporting and leisure activities. Every year, this corner of Gran Canaria plays host to different groups and events which enhance its dynamic and free spirit.

Maspalomas Pride

Maspalomas is considered one of the world’s best destinations for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Its international renown is preceded by events such as Maspalomas Pride by Freedom, which is celebrated every year in this southern region of Gran Canaria where the rainbow flag of freedom, inclusion and tolerance remains hoisted year round.

Since 2001, this event, which promotes diversity and respect, has been embraced by thousands of people from all over the world who come in search of a great atmosphere, fun and tolerance, accompanied by dreamy summer weather.

The festival lasts 7 days and features a line-up of music artists and acts in the Yumbo shopping centre, which is the historical heartbeat of Pride.

The festival usually takes place during the month of May, although Maspalomas celebrates double Pride with Maspalomas Winter Pride, taking place in November.

Maspalomas International Carnival

The Maspalomas International Carnival is highly anticipated by the local community of Canarias and is also an important tourist attraction.

Each year thousands of people travel to the south of Gran Canaria to don masks, wigs and glitter to enjoy the atmosphere, music, beach bars and parades of this great carnival.

One of the crown jewels of the event is the Gala Drag Queen, where pushing the boundaries, respect and enjoyment go hand in hand on stage.


Just a few meters from our Maspalomas Faro Car Park one can find ExpoMeloneras, one of the most important convention centres of Gran Canaria. Every year the site hosts a variety of conventions, concerts, events, gatherings and festivals.

One of the best-known events held at this multifunctional site is Gran Canaria Moda Cálida, where the Gran Canaria fashion and textile sectors take centre stage on the national and international scene.

ExpoMeloneras also hosts a variety of forums that transcend national borders, such as the International Maspalomas Costa Canaria Tourism Forum where trends, experiences and solutions within the tourism industry are discussed.


The mountains and climate of the south of Gran Canaria make it the perfect place for sporting activities. For this reason, it is home to well-known international events such as Transgrancanaria where participants transverse the island on foot.

Sport, tourism and leisure go hand in hand as has been demonstrated by the Maspalomas Marathon, on foot, and by SwimRun Maspalomas, combining sea and land.

In this part of southern Gran Canaria you will also find Club Conde Jackson which plays host to important international and national tennis tournaments.

Are you ready to visit Maspalomas? Remember that we have two car parks located right next to the events. Choose the rate that best suits your needs!

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